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Sunday, August 05, 2007


Tell me it's not true... `ono kine grindz can't leave us, it just can't

I hope Reid will reconsider. Not that I have a right to impose on a fellow blogger. But `ono kine grindz has been an inspiration. And an ideal that I can't really reach. Don't we need folks ahead of us as examples to follow?

Writing a blog isn't like doing a radio program, for example. There isn't an audience of thousands tuned in and listening attentively while stuck in traffic. Who knows why each blogger persists.

From a reader's point of view, I suppose it's mostly my greed. I enjoyed reading `ono kine grindz. I learned about great places to eat and about good food to try. Reid has a great style. He also pioneered several things, including an arrangement to post the food page of the late lamented Downtown Planet on his blog.

Sure, there are other food blogs in Hawaii, and many of them excellent. Check some of them out along the right side of this blog. Reid has a longer list in his last post. I've highlighted the last three articles of each one to encourage readers of the Free Range Gourmet to, well, graze.

Reid hints he may return. I hope it's just writer's block or something, and that he'll blow the dust off the mouse and come back soon. Hey, Cindy Sheehan couldn't actually retire. There's work to be done. I'm hoping for more from Reid in the future, when he's ready.


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