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Tuesday, November 15, 2005


Scary Dairy revisited - Costco and organic milk probably ok

Who knows what's really in a carton of milk, anyway. Just drink it, right? It's good for you.

I'm surprised that there is still no reaction to the revelation in Joan Namkoong's article in Honolulu Magazine that supermarket milk is shipped to Hawaii unrefrigerated. Well, the Free Range Gourmet is not going to drink it.

I checked with the manufacturers of Horizon and Organic Valley milk, who assured me that their product is shipped to Hawaii refrigerated. I also spoke with Costco HQ about the milk at Costco stores. At first, they said of course it is shipped refrigerated. I then related the information in the Honolulu Magazine article and asked them to check again. They did, and the final word arrived in a voicemail message while I was out:

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So yes, it seems possible to buy milk in Hawaii that has been refrigerated during its long journey across the Pacific Ocean. A Meadow Gold spokesman assured me that the temperature rise is very small. I don't know... what about the cartons on the outside layer? Hmmm?

I'm not saying that re-pasteurized milk is in any way dangerous. The process kills any bugs lurking inside. I'm leery of what the bugs left behind, though, and what the entire process has done to the flavor and possibly nutrition of the milk.

Of course, supermarket milk comes from cows that have been injected with hormones and fed antibiotics, another reason to think twice about it if you care about these things (regular Costco milk is no different, except for their organic milk which should be BST- and hormone-free).

You make your own choice. I've reported on my research, the rest is up to you.


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