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Sunday, May 01, 2005


Hawaii works on food security: attend the Wai`anae Food Security Conference

"A gathering to explore, develop and implement diverse and innovative actions which solve Hawai`is community food insecurity."

And insecure we are. Imagine that something disrupted the supply of oil to Hawaii. How would we get our food? Hmmm?

"The conference will explore the essential question:

How do communities, with rural roots and values, build thriving and sustainable communities that promote positive social change?"

The conference will be held in Wai`anae on May 20-21 with pre-conference workshops on May 19. The organizers have arranged for scholarships for native Hawaiian youth.

Contact Information:
Wai`anae Community Re-Development Corp (MA`O)
P.O. BOX 441
Wai`anae, Hawai`i 96792
Tel. 808.696.5569 (farm/fax)

For convenience, here are some quick links:
General Information (.pdf file)
Workshop Summaries (.pdf file)
Adult Registration Form (.pdf file)

Among the workshops is one on Edible Schoolyards, a concept which is also the subject of a resolution making its way through the Legislature to establish edible school gardens in public and charter schools as one way to combat childhood obesity and diabetes. The resolution is supported by the Slow Food Hawaii and Slow Food Oahu convivia.

Check out the agenda and workshops. This is a very worthwhile conference. Please also help spread the word.


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