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Friday, January 16, 2004


Some disassembly required

Monday night Nanette came home from a long day's work -- and was able to serve a delectable a coq au vin she cooked on Saturday. The wine she used was coincidentally the "Free Range" pinot noir (see January 10 post, below).

Tuesday night we had vanilla shrimp. It looks like the Kauai shrimp and Blue Lotus chicken are going to be at the market every other week -- but on the same day each time!  This makes for a lot of work Saturday for the Free Range Gourmet. But it means that we can have "weekend" dishes during the week. How many of you can do coq au vin during the week, if you both work? The secret is that Nanette does her prep on Saturday, and we eat different things from it during the week.

[Lest you think we eat like this all the time, no, only until the stuff from Saturday runs out. For example, last Friday we went out with friends for a Boston North End pizza and brought a bottle of Chimay Ale along. So we're human actually.]

We're talking quality of life here. We work hard during the day. We deserve coq au vin sometimes in the evening. You do to! Just do the main work on the weekend and all sorts of things become possible.  In fact, there's a bit of pressure to use what's in the fridge while it is still fresh, and before Saturday Market rolls around again.

Now, the Blue Lotus chicken is cleaned and comes with the spare parts in a little plastic bag. So some disassembly is required. These are not supermarket chicken breasts under cellophane. So part of the prep is taking apart the chicken (the liver ended up in an as-yet nameless dish with roasted red peppers and grated daikon).

Admittedly, coq au vin is not the best preparation to show off the quality of this chicken, and we'll do it a simpler way next time.

There was actually something planned for each night this week, right up to Friday, and then the cycle begins anew. But a pipe broke under the sink and we are waiting for the plumber, or someone like him, and since the kitchen is paralyzed without a sink, we went out to dinner this evening.


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